The Licom STL-Hans CNC-programming of    
  technical STL files...




Licom AlphaCAM STL-Hans:

A CAD software for Rendering purposes has typically a database based on the STL format. With this structure it will be able to quickly render in high resolution the viewable areas and show you photorealistic views of your parts.

For machining of technical parts these STL-data are not easy to work with, because you will not get the usual Solidmodel, but a mess of little triangles, which approximate the real surface design. Consequence of this is that you do not get "real" edges, which you could use to move the tool along as you do during a normal CAD/CAM programming. So with STL Files you end up with something that looks like your part, but will not help you for programing purposes.

To solve this problem is the job of the Licom STL-Hans.He will change a mess of little triangles from programs like Pytha or Google SketchUp into supporting edges for normal CNC programming and this from 3 to 5 axes and also for mill, drill and saw operations.

The following video shows how you will work with STL-Hans to program a technical STL part, here drawn in Pytha. The part is used for a 3D designed counter and it consists of angled edges, which include dowel-drills and also have areas of cavities in these edges: 


The STL-Hans Macro is an ECO Module for AlphaCAM, a full function, free of charge testversion, can be downloaded here: